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Merteks Tekstil

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e are a Turkish reliable company committed to your satisfaction.

Merteks Tekstil has been in the Textile Industry, manufacturing all kinds of Socks for Children , Women and Men for more than 20 years.

From the years our company was found and begun the production, we have been exporting our products to several European countries, such as : France, Spain, Germany, Denmark, United Kingdom and Austria among others and Russia, Ukraine, Georgia and Turkmenistan and Middle east countries..

We would like to introduce our customers with the best quality, attentive, modern different designs and at the same time we have chosen to be a model company for our country and our employees that creates value and resources. With the principle of respect for people and nature to meet the highest level of customer expectations, also to become an international brand with innovative and high-quality presentations and creating more jobs with each passing day, we have a principle to contribute to the regional and national economy.

Merteks Tekstil Company as a family will carry on to maintain its place in the market by continuing to invest in improving the quality and to grow for many years.

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